Terms of delivery

Please read these terms of delivery carefully before ordering products from our store. By placing an order you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms you will not be able to complete your order.

1. Our details

Name: Landola T:mi Erkki Noromies
Business ID: FI27856271
Address: Voudintie 23, 68630 Jakobstad
Telephone number: +358 44 978 2391
Email: landola@landola.fi

Account number: FI 53 5567 0720 1294 63

2. Service availability

Our store delivers products worldwide.

3. Customer eligibility

By ordering from the store, you confirm that you are of age or that you have your parents’ or guardians’ permission to make the order.

4. Creation of a contract

A contract is created when you confirm your order in the online store, click to accept these terms and make a payment using a method approved by us (5. Payment methods).

We reserve the right to cancel the order if the price of the product in the store was blatantly incorrect or the product is exceptionally not available.

If we have to cancel the order, we will refund you the selling price without delay.

5. Payment methods

Products and their postage and packing charges are to be paid when making the order. The payment methods available in our online store are the following: PayPal.

6. Consumer’s right of return

  1. In accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act and the EU Consumer Rights Directive, if you buy a product as a consumer you have the right to cancel the transaction within 14 days of receiving the product. Please contact us before returning the product to allow us to give you the necessary instructions for the return.
  2. To ensure that you will be refunded in full the price you have paid for the product you have returned (does not concern guaranteed returns), the product must be absolutely in its original condition, including all its equipment and packaging.
  3. However, the right of return does not concern products custom-made, specially ordered or remodelled for the buyer.

7. Time of delivery of products

We strive to dispatch products we have in store the next weekday. If there are any delays in delivery, we will try to inform you of the estimated date of dispatch within the same time frame.

8. Product prices

  1. The prices of the products are those stated in the online store unless there has been an error in pricing which will be apparent also to the customer.
  2. The prices of the products´ include value added tax in the amount that has been stated for each product.
  3. The prices of the products do not include delivery costs unless separately stated for a certain product.
  4. Product prices may be changed at any time. However, the price of a product will be the price stated at the time of purchase unless the price was incorrect in accordance with section 7.1.

9. Our responsibilities

  1. Our products are of good quality and fit for the normal purpose of use for which they were intended.
  2. If a product does not meet the requirements set out in section 9.1 our responsibility will be limited to the price of the product unless the valid legislation requires a more extensive responsibility.
  3. In no event shall Landola be responsible for any indirect, economic or unforeseeable loss or damage.
  4. We shall not be responsible for any negligence or delay resulting from events, prohibitions by authorities or other corresponding circumstances which are outside our authority or influence or which otherwise are generally considered a force majeure.

10. Changing the terms

We reserve the right to change these terms as we see necessary. Terms which are valid at the time of the transaction shall be applied to each individual trade.