Old Before Their Time


The Finnish ThermoTonewood® wood treatment is a process whereby wood can be “aged”, acquiring the characteristics of wood that has been dried for decades. ThermoTonewood® is manufactured under controlled heating conditions in temperatures of 170° – 230°C. The process involves no chemicals or additives, so it is a natural product. During the ThermoTonewood® process, the cellural structure changes.


These following changes occur during the treatment: A light coloured wood transforms into a brownish hue, which with longer treatment can be enhanced to bring out different nuances. Twisting and warping due to moisture are reduced up to 70 %. The weight of the material is reduced by 5 % to 20 %, depending on the species.


The breaking point of the material decreases, but the stiffness of the material increases considerably, ie the elasticity increases. Depending on the treatment, this process has the ability to reduce EMC (equilibrium moisture content) by up to 50 %. Heat-treated birch and spruce are used on Landola guitars.

Unique sound

Thanks to the unique ThermoTonewood®, the great Landola sound is ready whenever you are. ThermoTonewood® gives Landola guitars extra sustain.

You have to experience it yourself!